Every WordPress page owner ultimately aims to increase their traffic, and thus, earnings. At first, improving one’s CEO and overall visitor count seems to be the hard part. However, once the site actually has a steady influx of daily visits, another obligation emerges – maintaining it.

The SEO ranking that owners work hard to achieve begins to deteriorate as the number of spambot visits increases. In order to combat this issue, the owners need to filter every single comment. This is a lengthy and time-consuming process that takes a big toll on the quality of work hours. Luckily, WordPress site owners can rely on anti-spam plugins that automatically filter and remove these comments. We present the top 10 of these nifty tools.

1. Akismet

Developed by Automatic, the very creators of WordPress, Akismet is ranked highest for spam removal. This is a free and cloud-based anti-spam plugin that tracks all kinds of spam. Every comment automatically goes through the plugin and gets checked for spam content. If it comes clean after multiple checks, it is approved and published.

2. Anti-spam

The plugin eponymous to its service, Anti-spam, also delivers terrific results. However, as part of the premium CleanTalk plugin, it comes at the price of a yearly subscription. CleanTalk is known for its excellent plugin compatibility, as it works well with a variety of the most commonly used plugins.

3. WangGuard

WangGuard is another free anti-spam plugin on our top 10 list. It features multiple advanced spam validation algorithms and ensures SEO stability. It comes at no cost for up to 5000 daily validations.

4. Antispam Bee

The first plugin on the list that requires no user registration is Antispam Bee. It is extremely easy to implement and free of charge for both commercial and personal use. However, its spam filter does not rely on the cloud, but checks for the commenter’s IP address and compares the comments against its server’s database.

5. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

The WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam plugin has a double-layered spam protection that almost no bot can penetrate. It’s made for multiple major WordPress plugins and considered extremely reliable by its regular users.

6. WordPress Zero Spam

Another entirely free and easy-to-use anti-spam plugin is the WordPress Zero Spam. It works by tracking whether the comment was typed from an actual web browser, which allows it to catch all automated spam.

7. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (G.A.S.P.)

GASP is a plugin that uses a fairly simple yet effective spam solution. It prompts the users to check a box next to their comment and validate their post. Some spam-bots have an automated learning algorithm, which GASP is also able to intercept.

8. WPBruiser

WPBruiser takes a slightly more traditional approach. It auto-blocks potential spam, which the users can choose to accept and remove from the blocklist. Unaccepted blocked comments are auto-removed after 10 days.

9. Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

The Stop Spammers Spam Prevention plugin comes with over two dozen different detection mechanisms. It has more than 12 pages of all kinds of options, which makes it the most customizable anti-spam plugin.

10. WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

The background WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam plugin works entirely invisibly. It instantly detects and erases every comment that contains a blacklisted keyword.

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