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E-commerce is widely popular, financially satisfying profession, so naturally, the majority of extensions come with a price tag. Fortunately for us, not all WooCommerce plugins are high priced— there are actually a wide variety of options available that are free of charge. Let us tell you about some of the top WooCommerce extensions, add-ons, and plugins, that happen to be free, which will help you improve your e-commerce store.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by

Mangohour plugin

Shipping charges can really be a bother, especially if they are unexpected. This plugin has the basic features and is a good starting point. For international owners, split countries into different zones, and then set shipping rates to conveniently sort your expenses.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

If you ask your clients to go through a number of steps many of them will simply abandon the purchase. This plugin lets the user skip the shopping cart skipping numerous steps to go directly to the checkout.

WooCommerce Menu Cart

It adds a shopping cart button to the main menu, making it easily accessible from anywhere on your site. The button fits the menu seamlessly and can customize to your preferences.

WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

Adding a gift-wrap option can increase your chances enough to persuade some gifters during their struggle to find an ideal present for their loved ones. The plugin simply adds some new fields to the WooCommerce screen that include, Enable gift wrapping as well as an option for the cost and a personalized message.

WooCommerce MailChimp

This plugin automatically adds your customers to a mailing list — or you can also give them the choice to subscribe by a pop-up message. This helps build your client list and your past customers. Remember, your existing customers are your best friends! Treat them so!

WooCommerce Analytics from Metrilo

– CRM and email automation

This plugin helps you monitor your store’s performance as well as optimize your expenditure. It tracks all important e-commerce KPIs, Displays sales, traffic, and campaign and can easily compare ROI of different marketing channels.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

It allows users to magnify products and view them with ease. A simple mouse-over will show a bigger size of the product. In addition, the zoom area can be customized. Plus you can add and edit a slider according to your preference also.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Apply the plugin to employ various filters. The users can use any specifics and use them as criteria for product filters.

WooCommerce Multilingual – run

WooCommerce with WPML

Translate your WooCommerce store into different languages with this plugin. You can translate everything from your offers to products, categories and much more.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Easily customize and manage the WooCommerce checkout page. Add and remove new fields, make checkout fields, Hide or show them for specific groups, upload files to the checkout page and export different orders according to specific fields.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Initially, WooCommerce only supported PayPal. However, now you can use this official plugin to transfer payments free of charge. At first, you had to download and install the plugin, but now you can install it during the primary setup.

Woocommerce CSV Importer

Import data from your online store in CSV format. You can import a variety of data, variable products, taxonomies as well as custom fields.

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

It preserves customizations to save settings whenever the theme is updated. In addition, you can copy and customize these themes as per your requirements in a separate folder as well.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Switch to different currencies and convert any price instantly with the plugin. It offers four currencies aggregators as well as payment in selected currency and a native PayPal ready.

WooCommerce PDF & Print

Incorporate PDF, doc and print buttons on your product pages. This will allow users to print and save product information in soft or hard forms easily. It allows you to include all product attributes and custom content in the file. There are varied options for the placement of these buttons.

WooCommerce Product Slider

Add a slider to the product pages, which will allow you to you to create a panorama. Introduce multiple product sliders to gain maximum benefit.

Infinite Scrolling From YITH

This plugin adds infinite scrolling option which complements the design and responsiveness of your online store. A great and must have plugin.

Optimized WooCommerce Google

Analytics Plugin

This is a free and easy tool which gives you insight into client behavior across different pages of your store. This allows you to manipulate and control your services for maximum benefit.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

Generate PDF invoices automatically with this plugin. Choose the email types of your choice and send over the invoice to Dropbox, Google Drive, or other mailboxes as you prefer.

Woo Social Media Marketing

It simply syncs the store with , a social media marketing solution to import all your products in the dashboard saving on the copy paste and uploads. It also creates Schedules, collages, Searches popular content and takes data based decision wits sophisticated analytics.

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